Custom Wedding Suits In Chicago (DISCARD)

Custom wedding suits offer a unique and personalized touch to a groom's attire on his special day. While off-the-rack suits can be convenient, they often lack the precise fit and individuality that custom-made suits provide.

Our Quality Materials

George Patrick offers custom wedding suits in Chicago that are crafted from the finest materials. In fact, we source all our materials internationally by visiting major trade shoes in Paris, New York, Milan and beyond. They include lush solids, cashmeres and vicuñas, jacquards and more. Whether it's a classic black tuxedo, a sleek navy suit, or a more unconventional color like burgundy or midnight blue, the options are limitless.

Not only can we design custom wedding suits for the groom and groomsmen, but we can also provide bespoke men’s wedding suits to those who are participating in a wedding or are attending one. Whatever the case, we’ll craft a suit that’s representative of you.

Our Consultation and Design Process

We can design women’s and men’s tailored wedding suits to your exact specifications. You’ll work closely with George Patrick to achieve the perfect fit and the right style for the big day. In fact, you can expect exceptional customer service as well as concierge service. As a wedding suit maker, we’ll come to you and your wedding party, so you don’t have to stress about going to get measured. Our process is easy and convenient, and you’ll enjoy a luxury shopping experience.

It's essential to book early with George Patrick. Tailored groom suits take at least three to four weeks to create after the initial consultation. In addition, we need time to allow for fittings. To complete your look, we also design men’s bespoke footwear and women’s bespoke footwear.

A bespoke wedding suit offers a groom the opportunity to create a truly exceptional garment that embodies his style and personality. With endless fabric choices, meticulous tailoring, and the option to include personalized details, a custom suit ensures a perfect fit and a unique, memorable look on the wedding day.

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