Grey Custom Suit In Chicago

Simple and elegant, a grey bespoke suit gives men and women the opportunity to express their personal style without coming across as ostentatious. Softer than black but still projecting a vibe of authority and confidence, a grey tailored suit can be paired with virtually any accessories to create the desired look. From classic to contemporary, grey is the foundation for a wide array of styles and choices.

Our Process for Creating Your Ideal Look

George Patrick is your complete source for grey custom suits in Chicago, providing you with concierge service from start to finish. George will meet with you at home or at your office to take all the measurements we will need to get started. Next, we work closely with you to select the fabrics, patterns, collars, cuffs and more that meet your standards. We’re proud to offer a practically endless selection of fabric choices, including those from exclusive European mills such as Piacenza, Dormeuil, Loro Piana and more. You will have the opportunity to select the fabrics that make the most sense for your personal preferences and the occasion. Choose based on drape, breathability, texture and other qualities to ensure you will have the level of comfort and appearance you want.

Typically, garments such as men’s grey tailored trousers and women’s grey fitted blazers require about three to four weeks of work to complete.
With our expertise and experience working for you to create high-end garments, you can have a masterfully tailored suit that matches your unique style consisting of:

High-Quality Grey Shoes

In addition to our grey tailored blazers in women’s and men’s styles and other garments, you also can count on us for a wide selection of grey shoes handmade in Spain and Italy. These feature exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. These are the perfect complement for any ensemble, and our experts are here to provide you with a full consultation if you want. Our range of men’s bespoke footwear includes Oxfords, loafers, slippers, boots and more. If you’re looking for women’s bespoke footwear, we have pumps, slingbacks, ballerinas, strappy and boyfriend shoes among others.

Our 3D web tool gives you to ability to customize your shoes and make them one-of-a-kind. Select your preferred style and choose the heel height, color, material and other features that speak to you. Customized shoes generally are delivered within three to four weeks.