Black Custom Suit In Chicago (DISCARD)

One of the key advantages of black bespoke suits lies in its versatility. It serves as a blank canvas, allowing for endless possibilities in terms of styling and accessorizing. With a black suit as the foundation, a man can express his personal style through various shirt colors, tie patterns, and pocket square choices. Whether opting for a crisp white shirt and a bold patterned tie for a classic look or a patterned shirt and a bowtie for a more contemporary twist, the black suit provides a versatile backdrop to showcase individuality.

Our Consultation and Design Process

When you purchase black custom suits in Chicago from George Patrick, you can expect exceptional concierge service. We can meet you at the office or your home to take your full range of measurements. Then, we’ll work with you to select the right fabrics, patterns, collars, cuffs and more that are available in black. George Patrick offers an endless variety of fabrics, ranging from classic wool to luxurious blends, and from exclusive European mills such as Piacenza, Dormeuil, Loro Piana and many more. Each fabric choice brings its own unique qualities, such as breathability, drape, and texture. Depending on the occasion and personal preferences, you can select a fabric that suits your needs, ensuring both comfort and style.
 Women’s black fitted blazers and garments and men’s black fitted suits take about three to four weeks to complete.

As a black custom suit designer, we can masterfully craft the following high-end garments that fit your unique style:

High-Quality Black Shoes

Aside from our women’s black tailored suits and men’s black tailored suits, we also offer superior black shoes that are handmade in Spain and Italy. They are made with excellent craftsmanship and the utmost attention to detail. Our line of shoes can help complete your ensemble and can be purchased and delivered with or without a consultation.

Black Shoes

Our men’s bespoke footwear includes boots, brogues, sneakers, oxfords, derbys, loafers, slippers and monk straps, as well as golf, saddle, split toe and formal shoes. Our women’s bespoke footwear includes pumps, slingbacks, boots, slippers, ballerinas, strappy and boyfriend shoes.

Best of all, you can customize a pair of shoes using our 3D web tool to make them uniquely yours. Choose a favorite style and select your preferred heel height, color, material and more. You can even add a personal monogram to the design. Custom shoes are typically delivered to you within three to four weeks. We also have quick-ship shoe options available.

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